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SLiMS Quick Start Guide

After installing SLiMS, our first job is to use the software practically. To run the software, first, we have to add all the book into the database and then member information. Once, book and member information are available in SLiMS database, we will be able to issue/return books using SLiMS. Here is a quick start guide for your convenience.

 SLiMS Quick Start Guide by Apu

Library Automation for All: A Training on Library Automation Using SLiMS

A two days training program on “Library Automation Using SLiMS” is going to be started from 15 to 16 February 2019 at the Digital Access Centre, KUET Central Library, Khulna. SLiMS is an open source library automation software. Library Association of Bangladesh (LAB), Library Association of Khulna Division and KUET Central Library, Khulna will jointly organize the program. The purpose of the training is to enhance library automation skill of the library professionals and students of Khulna division.

Training Outcomes:

  • SLiMS Installation
  • SLiMS Customization
  • Data Entry

Who Should Attend?
The training program is intended for library and information professionals and students who want to automate their library by PC.

Resource Person: Nurul Alam Apu, Country Coordinator, SLiMS BD

Showing the username who last updated the bibliographic data in SLiMS

If we want to know the staff name who last updated the bibliographic data along with date and time, we need to make some changes in SLiMS. The changes are both in database and bibliography module. Let’s see how we can do this…

First we go to our slims database>biblio table. Add a new column at the end of the table biblio. Name it ‘last_update_by’ data type varchar (100) and save.

01. db_table_strctr

Go to your slims database and then ‘biblio’ table

02. db_table_add

Add 1 new column at the end of the table

03. db_table_add_clmn

Name the new column as ‘last_update_by’ type ‘VARCHAR’ length 100 (as user real name length is 100 in user table)

04. looks_like_column_biblio_table

Finally the database looks like

Then go to slims folder …\admin\modules\bibliography\index.php to edit index.php file.

Add $data['last_update_by'] = $_SESSION['realname']; after line 160.

05. Insert value to db

Edit index.php under bibliography folder to insert user real name to database

Edit the line number 688 as follows:
__('Last Updated by:').' '. $rec_d['last_update_by'].' '. __('on:').' '. $rec_d['last_update'].

06. show value from db

Edit index.php under bibliography folder to show data from database

Now save the file, go to browser and your slims admin panel>bibliography module.

Edit any bibliographic data first and then go to edit mode again. See the information like below:

07. Final_View

Final View

Thank you.

A.K.M. Nurul Alam (Apu)
Dhaka, Bangladesh.