SLiMSBD Services

SLiMSBD Services

SLiMS is officially supported by SDC (Senayan Developers Community). Here, in Bangladesh, in collaboration with original SDC, SLiMSBD Community offers different services for the libraries in Bangladesh. Our standard services are:

  • System installation in both Windows and Linux platform
  • Data conversion
  • SLiMS modification or customization that suite your need
  • Support and maintenance, including upgrading to the newer version
  • Hardware acquisition
  • Hosting and domain service

Meanwhile, for corporate/enterprise/advance services, SLiMS Developers (Indonesia) can provide:

  • RFID support
  • Third Party Indexing for speed and accuracy
  • API for SLiMS integration with other application
  • Single Sign-On using Active Directory/LDAP
  • Responsive user interface design
  • Maintenance and Support Subscriptions
  • Full Setup SLIMS for Linux/UNIX OS
  • Automatic backup
  • Dashboard and advanced reporting
  • High Availability Server
  • Advance acquisition module

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